What We Do

O&M Contractors

If the project contains elements of Operation and Maintenance, with agreed concession terms, the SPV engages with/employs an O&M contractor(s)…

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EPC Contractors

The SPV engages with/employs an Engineering Procurement Constructor(s)(EPC), who manages the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction…

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BOT / PPP Contract

The Project Owner will, for each project, often developed as a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) or Public-Private Partnership(PPP) type of contract…

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Project Funding

To initiate the funding, Prior to starting the building of project funding, the Project Owner/Developer and NGIF shall enter into a signed…

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 Collateral provision Contract

As an alternative to traditional financing, which normally adds to the debt burden of the project owner, NGIF offers non-repayable project…

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Development Agreement

NGIF is a solution provider for Project Owners, whether private or public or government-related, who have projects that require funding, we help to develop…

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NGIF Business Model

Debt free (non-repayable) Project Funding is generated globally for Project Owners by Nordic Global Investment Foundation (NGIF).

Our experts

Our team of professionals includes Directors,
founders, regionals directors, and more.