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Capital for Project Funding

NGIF is building up non repayable project funds, based on trading with financial instruments, hereunder MTN / PPP Investments.

NGIF Looking for Partners

NGIF partner with Public,  Private and Third-Party investors to invest either as a direct investment looking for a fixed ROI, or providing investments as Collateral.

The needed NGIF requirements

To enter NGIF trading & project funding programs, potential partner need to provide: NDA, MOU,KYC/CIS, (POF & RWA), DOCA.

How to Attract Collateral Providers

Upon securing invested collateral, the target  of NGIF´s trading is to build non repayable profits to be used to finance global sustainable infrastructure projects.

NGIF Foundation Your Partner with the right code of conduct

NGIF is an esteemed organization managed and led by professionals who specialize in providing visual identity. Our overarching goal and concept are creating sustainable development through diversity and team collaborations across nations. We maintain a high standard of service by prioritizing key drivers such as:


Environmental Impact

The NGIF, an international organization, endeavors to pursue, develop, and implement sustainable infrastructure projects of varying types and sizes. The ultimate goal is to align these projects with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as closely as possible. The term “infrastructure” encompasses most projects within a given society, except non-legal projects and those in sanctioned countries. NGIF aims to support sustainable infrastructure projects aligned with the UN SDGs.
The organization believes sustainable infrastructure development is critical to achieving the UN SDGs, contributing to a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable future. By supporting sustainable infrastructure projects that align with the UN SDGs, NGIF is working towards a more sustainable future for all.