O&M Contractors(s)

If the project contains elements of Operation and Maintenance, with agreed concession terms, the SPV engages with/employs an O&M contractor(s), who manages the operation and maintenance of the project assets, reporting, until a hand over to the project owner or to the SPV, representing the Project Owner is done.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Capital for Project Funding

NGIF is building up non repayable project funds, based on trading with financial instruments, hereunder MTN / PPP Investments.

NGIF Looking for Partners

NGIF partner with Public,  Private and Third-Party investors to invest either as a direct investment looking for a fixed ROI, or providing investments as Collateral.

The needed NGIF requirements

To enter NGIF trading & project funding programs, potential partner need to provide: NDA, MOU,KYC/CIS, (POF & RWA), DOCA.

How to Attract Collateral Providers

Upon securing invested collateral, the target  of NGIF´s trading is to build non repayable profits to be used to finance global sustainable infrastructure projects.