Project Funding

To initiate the funding, Prior to starting the building of project funding, the Project Owner/Developer and NGIF shall enter into a signed agreement once the Project Owner provides Collateral, either being to the tune of 20% of the budgeted project cost or 150 MUSD/MEURO if the funding needs are above 1BUSD/BEURO.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Capital for Project Funding

NGIF trades MTN/PPP investments to gather non-repayable funds for projects. They aim to maximize value, support growth, and manage risks. NGIF has a proven track record as a leader in the finance industry.

NGIF Looking for Partners

NGIF partners with investors to provide tailored collateral investments. We have a solid track record and prioritize transparency to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

The needed NGIF requirements

To join the NGIF trading and project funding programs, partners must complete and sign an NDA, MOU, KYC/CIS (POF & RWA), and DOCA.

How to Attract Collateral Providers

NGIF generates non-repayable profits from secured collateral to finance global sustainable infrastructure projects. It uses a prudent investment strategy that balances risk and reward while promoting ecologically sound investments.