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The CEO: “Forming the Mission of NGIF”

The Nordic Global Investment Foundation (NGIF) is a reputable organization that espouses trustworthiness through its investments and humanitarian undertakings. NGIF boasts of a team of proficient financial and technical experts who deliver results that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the communities they serve. Our sustainable development approach is characterized by transparency and impartiality, devoid of any political affiliations. initiatives are supported by NGIF to promote growth in a manner that assures a lasting impact.

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Why choose us Our Core Values


We are responsible and accountable for our actions.


We firmly believe in promoting sustainable living conditions through our development initiatives.


We adhere to the law and our sense of honor guides our work.

Social responsibility

Encourage corporations to prioritize ethical concerns such as inclusion, dignity, and equality for a fairer society.


Our priority is delivering quality work; we consistently explore the best options available.


As a team, we work to solidify networks for value creation.


The NGIF envisions a world where sustainability is a top priority, and international cooperation serves as a driving force behind global development.  The organization aims to foster a culture of shared responsibility and accountability among its partners, where resources are utilized efficiently and progress is measured against established goals.  Through its partnerships, NGIF strives to create a better future for all, where economic, social, and environmental sustainability are deeply ingrained in the fabric of society.  We aim to leave the world a better place today than yesterday.


The Nordic Global Investment Foundation (NGIF) is dedicated to promoting a sustainable future and developing robust international relationships through global cooperation.  The organization believes concerted efforts and shared visions can foster significant progress across diverse global sectors.  NGIF is searching for bona fide partners and parties who share its values and can form an alliance to achieve shared objectives.  This partnership will drive growth in various regions and contribute to global development, a testament to the potential of like-minded organizations to make a meaningful impact.  NGIF assures prospective partners of complete transparency, mutual respect, and unwavering support throughout this journey towards a sustainable future.

The Chairman: “Forming The Vision Of NGIF “

In 2015 and 2016, Europe experienced a significant surge in immigration, and the situation has not improved since. It is a matter of urgency that caused decision-makers from thirty significant cities in Pan Africa to convene in Nairobi to address the challenges predicted by the UN-Habitat. This is because the UN forecasts that within the next thirty years, an estimated seven hundred million people will migrate from rural areas in Africa to larger cities. This poses a colossal challenge, requiring the construction of a new city every six months. Failure to develop future African cities is a recipe for global doom. Europe and the rest of the world must respond sustainably to this humanitarian crisis. The acceleration of climate change further highlights the need for sustainable intervention globally. 
There are many reasons why people migrate from one country to another. In some cases, it may be due to economic reasons such as a lack of job opportunities or poverty. Other times, it may be due to political instability, war, or persecution. Whatever the reason, migration can be a challenging experience for those who undertake it. Countries need to work together to create sustainable solutions that can help people thrive in their communities and reduce the need for migration in the first place.

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