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Nordic Global Investment Foundation (NGIF) endeavors to foster diversity and collaborate solely with preeminent professionals in their respective fields. Our team comprises consummate experts possessing national and international knowledge and competencies within their domains and an unwavering passion for their areas of specialization.

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Mr. Jens Kjaergaard’s professional background and philanthropic endeavors make for a noteworthy profile. Born in Silkeborg, Denmark, in 1957, he graduated with honors from the Technical University at the age of 24. After a brief stint in the Faroe Islands, he pursued a career in construction and infrastructure development in Somalia. He spent 18 years living abroad, with 11 years as an expatriate in Gambia, South Yemen, and Tanzania. 

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During his last visit to Tanzania with his family, he was attacked by local bandits at a remote bungalow hotel in Zanzibar, almost losing his wrists. He underwent surgery in Kenya and spent five months in Tanzania before returning to Denmark to recover. Despite the harrowing experience, he remained dedicated to Africa and committed to bringing about positive change on the continent and beyond.
Mr. Kjaergaard’s impressive portfolio can be viewed on his LinkedIn profile at this link:ærgaard-6743b4. It showcases his extensive experience in various construction projects, including water and drainage systems, roads, ports, bridges, railways, airports, hydro powers, immersed tunnels, metros, and light rails across five continents.
Mr. Kjaergaard’s visionary approach to philanthropy and sustainable projects is commendable. He intends to achieve his goals by providing non-repayable grants to project owners worldwide in alignment with the United Nations Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. To this end, he conducted meticulous research to identify financial models that would help him achieve his objectives. He, along with his mentor, an American financial expert, and his current Chief Financial Officer at NGIF, Mr. Jan Willumsgaard, who has a finance background, established the Non-Grant Investment Fund (NGIF) to fund sustainable projects worldwide.

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